Thursday, September 30, 2010

"white is the best selling color for the classic american t-shirt"

According to Pantone Inc. white is the best selling color for the classic american t-shirt and I would believe it whole heartedly. I own several packs of Hanes mens white t shirts, v-necks because they are more feminine, in several sizes. They are so versatile and functional. Here are a few ideas for how to wear your white tee.

A white t-shirt can be worn for almost any occasion: work, class, lunch with girl friends, to work out in, or to go to the mall. The ease of throwing on a t shirt has never been easier. I suggest buying a few packages in your normal size and then in a size up for that easy going oversized look that can be easily worn ove skinny jeans or leggings. I love to wear my larger white t-shirt with a long scraf for a chic casual look that says I am well put together but not too formal.

A plain white tee can be easily layered with a bright cardigan for brunch or tucked into a textured pencil skirt with a jacket for work. To go along with yesterday's post a white t shirt can easily go with a flowing floral skirt. Try going for the maximum punch with a maxi length floral skirt and a v-neck white t shirt tucked in with a masculine leather belt to ground the look. A white t shirt can help make that sequin skirt less dramatic for day time thus allowing you to get more use out of your skirt. Who could dislike such a great neutral garment?

Tip of the day: make sure to keep your white t-shirt white by retiring your old shirts. Nothing is trashier than a yellowed, sweat stained white t-shirt. Also fun fact cotton t shirts can be dyed beautifully to any color you want. I have dyed so many shirts that it is a game for me to see what color combinations I can get by mixing dyes. The possibilities of the plain white t shirt are endless and exciting. Stay classy and wear a white t shirt tomorrow, but make sure to keep it classy by not wearing a bra that shows through the white.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Florals from Runway to Everyday

Florals seem to be all the rage this year. They showed up all over the runways in February and continued to be relevant on the couture runway and are still pushing full speed ahead for Spring. Not only were florals seen all over, in Vogue, and everyother fashion source the motif is all over the streets as well. Size and colors range from the large hand painted variety to the small printed variety.

The best thing about florals is how transitional they are. This motif comes in several sizes, all over print or an accent, and seasonal colors. For Fall, since we are now in the first official week of it, try pairing that floral blouse with a pencil skirt and blazer for work or with casual boyfriend jeans for the weekend. It is just so easy to wear  this print on everything from headbands to pencil skirts to pumps. It is so easy to just add a hint of floral to any look with a simple scarf or just go balls to the walls and wear head to toe floral. Just make sure to match the size of your body. I don't suggest a petite lady to don a lagre hand painted flower skirt as it would swallow her figure. However I don't suggest an athletically built woman to wear a small repeating calico print that will only make her look akward and draw attention to her shape.

The best thing about flowers is their colors. They literally come in every shade real world or imagined. For fall,  aka now, try wearing goldens, browns and fall colors. It is that easy and you know that old saying "don't wear white after labor day" well take that rule and throw it out the window and wear those white jeans from the summer with a great floral blouse.

I have never been a bold print type of girl however, how can you not be happy and confident  in a cheerful print straight from nature, with some color modifications? I not only wore this trend today but have been all summer on everything from skirts to tops to accessories. To wrap it up today's fashion tip is the multifunctional, ultra femenine floral. Wear it proudly tomorrow and see if it makes you feel a bit more cheerful and stress free.

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