Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Color Combo of the WEEK!!!!

Ok so this week I have been super involved in my senior collection and the first week of my last semester. So this seek I am going with NAVY and GOLD. I really just love metallic with a basic color like navy. I also am loving navy over black at the moment because it is not so harsh. Check out these looks.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Color Combo of the Week!!!

So this week I am just loving Citron with Steel Grey... I love that both are a bit out of the ordinary but that the citron radiates off the coolness of the grey. Plus Citron is a really fun color to wear on days when the weather is not super bright.



Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cinched with a belt

For my body belts are my go to when it come to creating a waist. I don't really have a curvy body so when I am wanting to look 50 glam I turn to all varieties of belts. I love to wear skinny belts at my natural waist to create and hour glass or a think leather belt slung low on my hips to show off how much smaller my waist is than my hips.

Belts are like every other accessory and change season to season with the width and positioning of the belt. This fall waists and hips everywhere were dominated by the skinny belt in every shade. I frequently caught myself wearing skinny belts with everything: to top off a look, to cinch a more flowing ensemble, or to class up a dress. I also have found scarves can work well as wide belts similar to an obi belt.

I am super excited to see where the belt is going to land next but as for right now it is sitting on the slimmest part of my torso at my natural waist (right below my rib cage). I also love belts for me because I do have a small waist... I also have a small tush so tend to be swayed toward trend that are not bootie oriented. Belts are one of these trends that creates curves as well as draws attention to where the line is drawn... :) literally a belt will draw a line on your body to draw attention to that spot so make sure and put that line in a strategic place. If you have a long torso and short legs I suggest placing the belt higher on your body to elude to longer legs. The same is true if you have longer legs and a short torso.... actually if that is you then flaunt those long legs!!!

Several designers seemed to style belts low and slung across the hips in a nod to western days gone by.

This Winter make sure while you are layering up you don't forget to look like a woman with curves. Layers can quickly eliminate curves and make you look like a bundle on a pole. Make sure you create feminine details by using soft layers mixed with warm layers and top it off with a great piece of jewelry and tie it together with a belt.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Ok if you don't know this is the slogan for the National Champ team the Oregon Ducks. In their honor I am doing a post on feathers. Feathers are everywhere which makes me super happy. I just love this airy and light weight surface design. Feathers just add such a gracefulness to any outfit.

The tricky part of feathers is the real ones are non hypoallergenic... so they can cause allergies. Not to mention they can collect dust. On a super positive note they are pretty. I love all the varieties that feathers come in... well and birds :).

Feathers are everywhere like on wedding dresses, printed on fabric, on accessories and they are super flattering. It is also refreshing to see designers nod to nature and its beauty in a way different from florals. If you go back and look at a few shows these designers seemed to lean heavily on the wings of specific birds:
* Raven from Alexander McQueen
* Pheasant from Jean Paul Gaultier
*Duck from Miu Miu 

I encourage you to stick a feather in you cap like Macaroni :)