Thursday, September 30, 2010

"white is the best selling color for the classic american t-shirt"

According to Pantone Inc. white is the best selling color for the classic american t-shirt and I would believe it whole heartedly. I own several packs of Hanes mens white t shirts, v-necks because they are more feminine, in several sizes. They are so versatile and functional. Here are a few ideas for how to wear your white tee.

A white t-shirt can be worn for almost any occasion: work, class, lunch with girl friends, to work out in, or to go to the mall. The ease of throwing on a t shirt has never been easier. I suggest buying a few packages in your normal size and then in a size up for that easy going oversized look that can be easily worn ove skinny jeans or leggings. I love to wear my larger white t-shirt with a long scraf for a chic casual look that says I am well put together but not too formal.

A plain white tee can be easily layered with a bright cardigan for brunch or tucked into a textured pencil skirt with a jacket for work. To go along with yesterday's post a white t shirt can easily go with a flowing floral skirt. Try going for the maximum punch with a maxi length floral skirt and a v-neck white t shirt tucked in with a masculine leather belt to ground the look. A white t shirt can help make that sequin skirt less dramatic for day time thus allowing you to get more use out of your skirt. Who could dislike such a great neutral garment?

Tip of the day: make sure to keep your white t-shirt white by retiring your old shirts. Nothing is trashier than a yellowed, sweat stained white t-shirt. Also fun fact cotton t shirts can be dyed beautifully to any color you want. I have dyed so many shirts that it is a game for me to see what color combinations I can get by mixing dyes. The possibilities of the plain white t shirt are endless and exciting. Stay classy and wear a white t shirt tomorrow, but make sure to keep it classy by not wearing a bra that shows through the white.

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