Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Puff up my sleeves just a bit more!!!!

Many people are scared of volume thinking it will make them appear fat or broad. What most people don't know that only a few of us do know is that volume in select areas will actually minimize problem areas. Puffy sleeves can minimize the attention someone will pay to your less than attractive areas. I use the camouflage of puffy sleeves to hide my tummy. It can work to hide a larger bootie as well. For a normal, average person (who does know how attractive these sleeves can be) I suggest going for a slight to medium pouf. If you are super daring then go for an exaggerated Dolce and Gabbana sleeve.

To me adding volume is an easy way to incorporate a touch of femininity in the form of jackets, blouses, and dresses. There are some pretty interesting puffy sleeves available now more than last year so get out there and jump on the puffy sleeve before the volume shifts to another area like say a reinvention of the bustle.

Puffy sleeves don't have to be used for more formal events. Just a note this is completely different from the strong and severe volume of shoulder pads. Last year I patterned and made a jacket that I have been able to wear to work, on a date, and to church. I am now tempted to wear a bigger pouf though. I also have really taken a liking to the Burberry coat and now several line copies.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Denim on top yes please

Ok so I am really loving this trend of wearing chambray tops and denim tops. I am always saying that I love the unexpected and wearing denim button downs with a floral skirt is a switch up. I also love J Crew using denim tops in their catalogs. This trend has kind of surprised me because it has lasted almost a year now.

Chambray on top is actually a perfect marketing strategy to get people to notice their accessories. Just think of how much better a bold necklace looks on an empty palette. I always look as denim as the perfect base for my entire outfit and this is button down is about as basic as a plain white button up. The difference that a denim top makes as opposed to a white button down is the texture.

If you are wanting an end all shirt to buy for the new year then I suggest buying a denim button down. You can wear it open ala Miley for a cardigan look or buttoned all the way and tucked in for a more put together feel.
Ooh I just have got to say I like her class:


yes it is Sunday I know but Christmas Eve was a hectic time. So this week's color combo is RED AND PINK!!!! I love these two together mainly becuase it is super fun and festive, thanks to Kate Spade.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Plush my buttons with Velvet!!!

In honor of winter I am going with velvet as the trend of the day because it is such a rich and radiates warmth. In Texas velvet kind of gets overlooked but not by me. I love the dimension velvet gives off as well as its texture. Velvet is such a rich fabric that I think is perfect or winter and/or the holidays. If you are nervous about wearing this trend then I dare you to wear a hint of it in your outfit as a collar, cuff, or another accent to your ensemble.
 After all if velvet is good enough for Ms. Scarlett O'Hara then it is definitely good enough for me.

Velvet is actually a really difficult fabric to work with due to the, (technical term coming up), pile which can make the garment seams look like they are gaping. Velvet also can't be ironed which makes sewing hard as well. The main thing you can pull from those fun facts is that velvet is hard to make a garment out of so when you see a beautiful garment made of velvet you can appreciate it.

Velvet has that great depth due to how it is woven. The pile which are the extra fibers that give the plush feel are the reason why velvet looks amazing when utilized in drapey designs. I love seeing velvet in cowls where the fabric is allowed to fall naturally.

I think that this fabric is a lovely base level instead of being the main focus. I would suggest a velvet dress with a beautiful statement necklace that draws out the color in the velvet. This season I totally suggest mixing textures such as velvet and tweed or velvet and sheer fabric. Both of these combinations are a bit unexpected but will really compliment each other.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bow me over!!!

I have always loved bows and all things girlie. I used to always wear bows in my hair... I should start doing that again. Bows were super prevalent on the runways and in magazines this season and I think they are another perfect festive touch. Bows aren't just for presents under the Christmas tree.
 I love when I see bows on people in unexpected spots like on the trim of a skirt, the back of a collar, a handle of a clutch, or the heels of a pair of shoes. Bows can come in literally every size!!! I strongly encourage everyone to wear a bow this winter (yes it is officially winter!!!). Bows are a very interesting surface design mainly because there is a fine line between over the top and just right.

Bows have been around for such a long time and they come and go on the fashion scene and right now they are so on!!! I am all for wearing and adding bows to designs but some times they are super gorgeous but not wearable like these:

as opposed to these that you can actually wear:

Another great way to wear bows is as a print. This is such a better print than a traditional polka dot if you are wanting something a bit girlie.

I think tomorrow I will be wearing a bow around my neck as a tie or maybe as a belt.