Friday, October 1, 2010

Maximize your Maxi skirt!!!

I just love love love maxi skirts and dresses. For those of you who do not know, because I was asked the other day, a maxi skirt is term for a full length skirt. Maxi dresses are everywhere; on celebs at the beach, on the runway, at the park, or at dinner with your significant other. In keeping with the rest of the posts from this week a maxi skirt is super versatile it just depends on the accessories. They are just so form flattering for several shapes just make sure to pick a fabric that is heavy and drapes well. Also the most flattering silhouette is at the natural waist right under the last rib bone because it is the skinniest part of your torso.

A maxi dress can jump easily from straw hats and strappy sandals with the breeze billowing your skirt to those sexy Michael Kors heels and your hair down. This dress creates such a tall column that creates an illusion that  your legs will never end and an added bonus, they hide all sorts of problems like cellulite and less than toned legs. For those of us with short, imperfect legs this is a miracle!!! With a maxi dress the single fabric that appears to go on and on. A maxi skirt is great for illuding to long slender legs while giving the wearer freedom to be more creative with your top. You can wear almost anything with a max skirt like a white t-shirt (refer to yesterday), tank top and cardigan, blazer, graphic tee... the possibilities are endless.

This style fits for everyone tall, short, super skinny, not so fit, or pregnant. If you are fortunate and tall the maxi can make you even more goddess like. Embrace your height and emphasize it with this perfect style and while you are at it wear heels. If you are short, or petite, a maxi dress is the way to go to legthen your body and illude to a taller figure. If you have a skinny figure and are looking to add fullness my suggestion is a maxi skirt with a great belt, bulky cardigan or a lovely scarf to add some curve. The maxi dress is amazing for those with a not so fit figure because the fabric hangs straight down barely skimming the curves and not so flattering bulges. I love a maxi dress on a pregnant woman because it wraps around the baby bump nicely. 

For sure try a maxi skirt or dress tomorrow. Make sure to stand up tall knowing you sure do look it. You don't have to look like a hippie in a maxi skirt if your accessories, hair and makeup are polished and chic. Avoid looking over powered by the amounts of fabric by sticking with a solid with subtle details or an abstract print that aids in the lengthening power of the column.

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