Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blocked in color!!!

I think and have thought that color blocking in an outfit is the perfect silhoutte creator. Using colors in specific places can create a very flattering shape. I love the look of different colors side by side to create unique style lines.

 The best thing about color blocking is that it can add depth to an other wise simple outfit. For example a simple shift dress can be super cute when there are more than one color in it. I really love color as seen in my color of the week posts: Olive green and Lavender, Red and Pink, Black and Navy, and Mustard Yellow and Peach.

Also color blocks can serve as camoflage to certain areas of your body creating curves in what you are wearing that can make you appear to have curves. My tip is to find garments where the darker color is on the side panel because it will make you look skinnier. I also suggest to pick clothing with at least some solid color mixed with a print as opposed to multiple prints next to each other.

I encourage you to find garments with bright colors mixed with a neutral.

Piet Mondrian believed that the planes of color set against the orderly arrangement of lines evoked a sense of balance and simplicity to the viewer. If it worked for the 60s then it works for me. Now the colorblocking is less squared off and more rounded to emphasize the woman form.

If you’re going to get in on the trend, a good rule of thumb is to wear the most eye-catching colors on the body parts that you want to bring attention to. Color blocking is super easy to do because the designer did all the color coordinating for you. All you have to do is fine a cute dress or top that fits you.

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