Monday, January 10, 2011


Ok if you don't know this is the slogan for the National Champ team the Oregon Ducks. In their honor I am doing a post on feathers. Feathers are everywhere which makes me super happy. I just love this airy and light weight surface design. Feathers just add such a gracefulness to any outfit.

The tricky part of feathers is the real ones are non hypoallergenic... so they can cause allergies. Not to mention they can collect dust. On a super positive note they are pretty. I love all the varieties that feathers come in... well and birds :).

Feathers are everywhere like on wedding dresses, printed on fabric, on accessories and they are super flattering. It is also refreshing to see designers nod to nature and its beauty in a way different from florals. If you go back and look at a few shows these designers seemed to lean heavily on the wings of specific birds:
* Raven from Alexander McQueen
* Pheasant from Jean Paul Gaultier
*Duck from Miu Miu 

I encourage you to stick a feather in you cap like Macaroni :)

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  1. wow, I just love it :)



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