Monday, January 3, 2011

Mix and Match

Prints have been everywhere this season an in all sorts of sizes. I love to see just how far I can test the boundaries of mixing prints purposefully verses looking like a 5 year old who was allowed to dress herself. Prints can be tricky to work with but my rule of thumb is to pick some sort of motif and working around that. The motif can be anything from color, size of the print or the type of print it is.

I think almost anything in my closet can work with each other it just depends on how bold of a statement I am looking to make. My favorite combination is plaid with floral. The linear mixed with the organic is such a perfect combination. I suggest playing with sizes like a small gingham with a larger florals. The small regular print will balance out the large curves of the flowers.

This may sound difficult to do but I bet you mix patterns all the time like a pinstripe pant with a larger striped blouse or a striped long sleeved t-shirt with a polka dot cardi. I wore that today :). Many people try a little too hard to mix patterns by over thinking the entire outfit and trying a little too hard. Another idea that is perfect for this is using textured tights as a way to introduce a new print into your ensemble. With a few simple accessories you can get a really chic look that will be perfect for any occasion.
A perk of winter time is that there are several layers you can work with to incorporate prints into. If you aren't daring enough to mix and match prints in your wardrobe then I strongly suggest easing into this idea with some amazing bedding.
What are your favorite prints to mix and match?

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  1. I loved mixed prints as a way to work trends whilst still being original. I think mixed prints create a different dynamic to an outfit, love it!


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