Sunday, January 2, 2011

Work It Out girlfriend!!!

I think it is only fitting that since it is a day of resolutions to be made then today's topic is workout clothing!!! I am not talking about the neon spandex and unitards ala Richard Simmons but rather chic and trendy clothing that also functions as athletic gear. I have no problem with neon colors for working out in... in act I totally encourage you to wear bright and cheerful colors when logging in miles on the elliptical. This year I am formally making a New Year's resolution to run 12 miles a week for the year of 2011.

I have all sorts of work out clothing for all weather. I think my favorite workout clothing I own has got to be Nike shorts in all colors. I am also really appreciating that athletic clothing companies are realizing that women want to look feminine whilst working out. A company has emerged over the past few years that caters to women as opposed to Nike and Adidas that focuses on men's workout needs.

Lululemon is based out of Canada and is getting a lot of attention for filling a much needed niche. Women, as we all know, spends about 3 times as much money and time as men on clothing, shoes, accessories and cosmetics. But men have been found to spend about 3 times as much money and time on workout clothing and working out. This reason is because all of the workout companies advertise to men. Not as much anymore though. Which is great for me. Women workout clothing is finally getting feminine style lines, trendy colors, and on top of that they don't look like workout clothing.

So this year get excited to make this your most fit year ever while looking super cute!!!!

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