Sunday, November 28, 2010

Keep your eyes safe!

This fall and winter make sure to keep one of your most important features safe. Eyes cannot easily be replaced and they age naturally but you can protect them everyday by easily taking one step. Make sure to wear a pair of sunglasses every time you step outside in the light. Luckily for all of us there are hundreds of thousands of styles. Every designer makes a signature pair.

 Sunglasses keep our eyes shielded from the sun rays from literally cooking the eyes. Fun fact your eye is made of the same protein as that in an egg and can be cooked as easily as an egg. That being said let that be a caution to you when you walk out of the house on a sunny day without some form of protection.

I also love sunglasses for the chic addition to every look. Sunglasses are perfect for giving yourself an amount of protection from people who might be trying to catch a glimpse into your who you are. Many celebs have found that a pair of "sunnies" can be the perfect defense against bright flashes and paparazzi.

Right now my favorite style is the Ray Ban Wayfarer style. It is a nice and traditional pair that seems to work on everyone as well on every frame. This style is also frequently copied by like everyone.

A new and trendy style is the cat eye style. This retro style is gaining steam and popularity. Thankfully so because it is replacing the massive bug-eyed styles of a few seasons ago. The cat eye style has been long awaiting its return into the public eye (no pun intended).

So this fall and winter when you are getting ready and you work so hard to look great bye putting on your makeup, clothing, and accessories make sure to not forget something you will always be need for your beauty.

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