Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Minimize your Stress!!!

This fall I am going to try this trend on for size. My boyfriend always says "less is more" and many designers are echoing the same motto in such gorgeous ways. Minimalism has made so many come backs in history. Currently minimalism is super hot and not nearly as easy as it might seem given the name. This trend focuses on geometry, clean lines and simple colors.

The way to achieve this look is through perfect balance. This style of dressing is about pairing casual dressing and a chic mindset. Also this style is very chromatic based. This style is not for the bold and flashy but for the subtle and clever. Minimalistic shapes are not your average shape with bright color distractions. Rather a minimalistic jacket will pay close attention to the seam lines, luscious fabric and details that seem to be thoughtless. Nothing about this look is thrown together, despite what it may look like. It really takes a clever person to pair a structured Calvin Klein jacket with Chloe pants and some flawless understated sandles. 

For work this is a perfect, and I do mean perfect, way to show how much attention you show to detail. I know when I see a picture of a great minimalistic outfit it makes me stop in my tracks and look at each peice and the details instead of just flipping through looking at the "pretty flashes" of color. I suggest testing this trend out with a great tailored blazer and perfect trousers in a monochromatic color way. This style is all about creating a uniform big picture that causes the viewer to stop and question why it is beautiful.

This look does not have an obvious beauty like sequins or florals. This look makes you  have to stop and admire the thought that went into creating the ensamble. This style is really not as simple as just buying a few garments it really does take a European mindset of casual confidence and strength. I just love that with this trend you must have confidence in yourself. Many of the other trends this season do not require the confidence it takes to wear "simple" looking clothing.

This is also such a great wardrobe option if you are tight on funds. All you have to do is buy a few amazing tailored garments, several basics and some great leather accessories and BAM you have a wardrobe on a budget that looks flawless. Plus when you buy clothing in one color way all of your clothes will match and it is a chinch to get ready in the morning so you can get a few extra mins of beauty sleep. This trend is not just about the clothing but also making sure you are well groomed with clean simple hair, a glowing complexion and well manicured nails.


  1. This season, I can't get enough of Chloe. A very strong collection!

  2. i love the minimalistic style (:


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