Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nailed IT!!!

Here are my picks for the nail polish colors of the season and I how I suggest wearing them. My favorite 4 colors are "Chrome gold" from Urban, "Punchy Pink" from Essie, "Wet Cement" from Sally Hansen, and "Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ" by OPI. These colors are basically being rotated on my nail polish week after week. Right now I am wearing Wet Cement because it has been a stressful week with projects and my mood has been a tad bit nose to the grindstone. Don't worry I have a major presentation on Thursday so I will most likely going to change the shade to chrome Gold.

Each of these 4 shades have a specific purpose this season and I think many people are looking for their perfect shade of each color. The Chrome gold has been popping up all over on everyone. It is just enough metallic to gain some attention without being too gaudy that it will distract everyone from the rest of your outfit. When picking one of these trendy nail colors my rule of thumb is to keep your nails short so the color isn't overpowering. Also you want to keep the balance (my mantra) if you are going bold in one area then stay neutral in others. The gold will be just enough on short, well kept nails that no one will feel like you are being garish.

With the hot pink then seriously keep your nails short. That particular shade is super loud and will be a shock. It is the perfect neon that will complement any black ensemble. I like to wear it when I am relaxing and not having to be super busy. It is the kind of shade that you really can't help but smile when you look at your hands... which for me is really often. A hot pink is also perfect to wear this winter when your clothing gets darker. It will help to lighten the depression that most people feel during the winter. Another great thing about neons or bright pink in general is that it will make your hands appear to have a tan. I think that is pretty nifty when my tan starts to fade from the summer this is the perfect way to revitalize it.

The BBQ color is a new one I just got last week when the weather turned cooler. I am really excited to wear it this winter for my dark color of choice. Last year I wore dark green and the year before that I wore violet. So this year I am kind of shocked that I gravitated towards a more normal shade. I think the red will be vampy enough for evenings and will warm me up when I am all bundled in scarves and sweaters.

What colors are you looking forward to wearing this winter?

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