Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lethal in Leather?

 So I really am intrigued by this trend that is running around rampant in editorials, on blogs and in catalogs. Leather is on everything and now they are on shorts as well. And there are some really really cute leather shorts available. I am really loving that these shorts are really cute and also a little formal due to the leather.

They are also perfect for winter/ fall because they are adorable over tights and Thigh high socks. Also leather shorts can be so fun and rocker to wear. If you are like me and finds excitement out of mixing textures this is a new and exciting texture to throw into the mix. Just think how great a pair of leather shorts will work with a floral blouse and a tweed blazer!!! This would be such a fabulous look for going to brunch or even dinner. The possibilities of ensembles are endless despite what it might seem.

Leather usually retains heat which is perfect for winter!!! haha. Also they might be able to give you that super confident edge to be able to face the upcoming day. Wearing something this trendy is exciting and super cute. when worn with the perfect accessories.

For those of you who are looking for a cheaper more animal friendly alternative try some of the cute faux versions available.


  1. Loving the first two and the ones Whitney is wearing. I dont mind the others but these ones stand out!..

    I do really like the leather shorts though for me I find they are too young for me so I won't be wearing adorable leather shorts:)



  2. I love this trend. I also think tehy would look nice with black opaque tights.


  3. This trend is one of the best for this season!I've got to buy one soon!Nice post <3
    Just discovered your blog,stop by at mine if you like :)



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