Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Barney from How I Met Your Mother is to spot on when he lists out the 24 reasons why women are like fish on his blog. These are my more favorite reasons:

Both travel in protective groups
Small bladders
The deeper you go, the scarier they get
Their weight largely determines their value
Scales are important to each of them
Both attracted to shiny objects
The last one is the one I am most interested in for today!!! I happen to love shiny objects and anything metallic. (except music that is heavy metal) I will most often gravitate in a store to any garment with metallic threads. The shinier the better.

As I always say balance is key and this is just as true as with metallics. I think everyone can incorporate something metallic into their outfit even if it is just as small as a chunky gold watch or the glimmer of a dangling necklace. Those are just small accessories and I am really more interested in an awesome gold skirt or a silver sequined cardigan. Metallic garments are best paired with an article of clothing that can kind of  absorb some of the shine. I particularily love wearing my gold brocade jacket with a rich colored, think cranberry, cowl neck blouse and some dark denim trousers.

Metallic are super hot this season on the runways and well everywhere. To transition a metallic flashy object to everyday wear I have found that what you pair with the garment is more important than the metallic piece. It is very hard, but very important to visualize the outfit before getting dressed. I often will lay in bed for about 10 mins before getting out of bed just visualizing what I will be wearing that day. When I plan to wear a metallic skirt I will plan to pair it with matte tights and a chunky sweater that will offset the shine.

Metallics are perfect to get attention and allow your shining personality to shine. Also when I wear shiny, metallic I just can't help but smile and be happy which is just one more perk of this fabric. So lets all be a little like fish and allow ourselves to be attracted to metallic this winter instead of just plain black. And for an added bonus metallics usually denote luxury and richness.


  1. That metallic jacket is nice.


  2. haha I love barney :) these metallics are soo on trend and gorgeous! great picks <3



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