Monday, November 15, 2010

Give flip flops the BOOT!

It is finally time to dig out that boot collection from last year. I love when I see girls walking around in all styles of boots from those ankle booties to ugg boots to over knee boots and everything in between. There are so many boots available that if you can't find a style you like then well you prolly haven't walked in the mall at all. Everywhere I turn I am seeing girls wearing them. They are just so versatile. You can wear a pair of boots to seriously EVERYTHING. 

Right now my favorite style is your everyday black leather boots that go a few inches below the knee. I love to have a little bit of heel that way they can transition from everyday to work to evening dinner. This height on a boot is perfect for wearing with a pencil skirt and tights. In the winter boots make it so easy to wear skirts or some cute shorts because most of your leg is covered and you will be able to stay warm while still looking cute in your fall wardrobe.

For a little bit of flair I really am loving some of those crazy boots like a pair of fringe  boots or some of the insanely awesome Balenciaga boots or some crazy fur and leather boots. I really love these fun and extreme boots and have found that like I say every time balance is key with these shoes. Boots that demand attention really don't want to have to compete for it (I have asked... jk). If you are willing to pay for a pair of boots with a high price tag then let them enjoy the spot light. When wearing a pair of fun boots try wearing them with a clean, minimalistic dress. That is not to say be boring just don't wear something to outshine your boots.

All I can say is that girl is rocking and I like her class!!!

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  1. I agree.....The last few days I have seen a person or two out wearing Flip Flop? It is November, this is Montreal....

    I am flipping over the grey suede boots in the first picture..... Just great.

    The thigh high which seeme to be draped and scrunched! Yep they demand our attention!



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