Monday, November 1, 2010

Sparkle in Sequins

I am absolutely lovin sequins for fall!!!! And not just because I was Hannah Montana for Halloween ;) I love them because I get to bring out my love for all things that sparkle!! Sequins are everywhere this season like on dresses, shoes, headbands, tops, and probably on Lady Gaga's eyelashes. Thanks to Lady Gaga it is perfectly acceptable to wear sequins everywhere even on your bra to a baseball game.

Note: this trend is not for the faint at heart! I do believe that everyone can wear some sort of sequined garment. With this trend the idea is to be the brightest "bulb" in the room. I usually wear a sequin top when I am needing a pick-me-up. The sequins always put me in a happy mood purely because of the sparkle I just can't help but smile. If you are willing to try this trend my favorite way to wear sequins is sticking with neutral colors and keeping the rest of my outfit relatively simple.

You should avoid wearing competing accessories and let the sequins stand out. This trend is amazing when worn during the day. It is such a great idea for brunch. With just enough sparkle it is perfect for when you want to make a statement.

Sequin tanks are prefect for this fall mainly because it is a perfect base layer!!! You can layer a great cardigan and scarf over the sequin tank. It will be the perfect way to flash some personality. I was at Forever 21 getting pieces for my costume and they have so many sequin pieces right now. They had skirts, lace boleros with sequins, and several tank dresses.

I am genuinely hoping this trend sticks around for a long time mainly cause I can't help but smile when I see sequins. The only thing I am worried about is what to wear that is bolder for New Year's Eve!!!

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  1. I saw a great navy sequin top in the window of a shop I passed by yesterday. I was in too much of a hurry to go in. I think the universe is sending me a message go back and see if that sequin top is for me!

    Oh those sequined pants!


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