Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pencil me in with a skirt ;)

I think the office staple has just recently become one of my favorite style of skirt thanks to the curve hugging ability. Somehow a pencil skirt just makes me feel more comfortable and confident when I need that extra kick. This particular style fits and hugs your hips and tapers a bit in at the knee to create a lovely hourglass shape. I have been able to wear a pencil skirt for almost every occasion.

For Easter Sunday I paired a purple tweed pencil skirt with this great grey silk top I have. It looked fabulous and made my figure look amazing. I paired a denim pencil skirt with a chambray button down tucked into it with a gold belt for work. And for my job interview paired a brown linen pencil skirt with my floral button down and topped off with contrasting cardigan.

I love wearing pencil skirts mainly because they end just under the knee, usually, and allow my calf muscles to show off for a bit. I always try to do a few dozen heel raises before walking out the door in a pencil skirt. I just love all the different pencil skirts available out there!!!

The main thing to remember about a pencil skirt is you want fitted not skin tight. To look professional you should know when your clothing fits and when it is too tight or too loose. A pencil skirt is a perfect time to talk about that. The seams should line up straight down the sides not pulling toward the back or pulling crooked down your leg. Also a pencil skirt shouldn't be able to twist all the way around when you are walking. Because this skirt is so basic it is vital that it fits properly. Another plus for the pencil skirt is that all ages can wear them and look fabulous in them. Take that mini skirt!!!


  1. Leather pencil skirt + Flowing top = WIN.

    As a short, petite female, I have some difficulty finding the perfect pencil skirt, but when I do, I am ecstatic and buy 3923 of the same one. (In different colors, natch.)

  2. I totally understand. I have struggled a long time with making sure a pencil skirt doesn't swallow me up. I do want a leather skirt to wear around this fall. They are perfect this year. Thanks for stopping by.


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