Monday, October 4, 2010

Sock it to Me!!!

All I can say is wow I love this look:

She has everything I strive for when I get dressed. I love the contrasts of lengthening layers. She paired, and I approve:
    * Thigh high socks make her legs look super long and lean because they cut right above her knee and show some skin. The dark shade works to create a more slender leg. The fact that the sock goes over her knee tricks the eye into thinking her lewer leg is longer than it really is.

   *The short dress reveals a perect amount of skin but creates a long and lean torso. Again this creates the image of height because their is no horizontal break at her waist.

   * I also applaud the long grandpa cardigan that is longer than the top of the socks. She looks casual and sexy but in a very subtle way.

  * To finish her look she topped it off with a long printed scarf that continues with the legthening theme of no horizontal breaks. As an added bonus she stayed working in a monocromatic pallette.

Grey thigh highs create such a sexy leg. They are really magical in how they can transform an average leg into a toned, mile-long looking leg due to the smoky color optical illusion. The dark color adds about 3 imaginary inches at least (just think what your leg would be like with heels). This look really is super easy to wear with skirts, shorts, dresses, you name it... I suggest staying away from the Gaga inspired body suits. These looks just go to prove that you do not need to show tons of skin to ooze sex appeal and confidence. I strongly suggest sticking with darker shades for the long lean leg look.

All I can say is I like your Class :)


  1. i am LOVING the over-the-knee socks look.


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