Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bow me over!!!

I have always loved bows and all things girlie. I used to always wear bows in my hair... I should start doing that again. Bows were super prevalent on the runways and in magazines this season and I think they are another perfect festive touch. Bows aren't just for presents under the Christmas tree.
 I love when I see bows on people in unexpected spots like on the trim of a skirt, the back of a collar, a handle of a clutch, or the heels of a pair of shoes. Bows can come in literally every size!!! I strongly encourage everyone to wear a bow this winter (yes it is officially winter!!!). Bows are a very interesting surface design mainly because there is a fine line between over the top and just right.

Bows have been around for such a long time and they come and go on the fashion scene and right now they are so on!!! I am all for wearing and adding bows to designs but some times they are super gorgeous but not wearable like these:

as opposed to these that you can actually wear:

Another great way to wear bows is as a print. This is such a better print than a traditional polka dot if you are wanting something a bit girlie.

I think tomorrow I will be wearing a bow around my neck as a tie or maybe as a belt.

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