Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Scottie dogs and Plaid

I always think of Tartan and plaid when I think of Christmas!!! On top of this fabric being super festive it is also a great trend that always reoccures in the fall. Tartan is mainly the plaid I am concerned with right now. Fun fact of the day tartan is a tweed which is distinction from just your average plaid.

Yes Tartan is a plaid, however not all plaids are tartans. Confusing I know just like a square is always a quadrangle but not all quadrangles are squares. Tartans are Scottish and are the colors and motif that is used on traditional kilts. Now they are used on a lot more garments than just a kilt. Tartans most commonly use navys, reds, greens, yellows and whites which make me think of the holidays. I am particularly loving using this fabric in a new way like on a vest or cropped jackets. 

Tartan in my opinion can be worn with solids, metallics or if you want to me daring with another print. Tartans are usually more bottom weight but can be made using lighter fabrics for blouses. 

There is just something about tartan than screams holidays to me. Maybe because my mother always dressed me in it for Christmas Eve. But this season make sure and get in on this and get you something tartan to wear.

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