Friday, December 24, 2010

Plush my buttons with Velvet!!!

In honor of winter I am going with velvet as the trend of the day because it is such a rich and radiates warmth. In Texas velvet kind of gets overlooked but not by me. I love the dimension velvet gives off as well as its texture. Velvet is such a rich fabric that I think is perfect or winter and/or the holidays. If you are nervous about wearing this trend then I dare you to wear a hint of it in your outfit as a collar, cuff, or another accent to your ensemble.
 After all if velvet is good enough for Ms. Scarlett O'Hara then it is definitely good enough for me.

Velvet is actually a really difficult fabric to work with due to the, (technical term coming up), pile which can make the garment seams look like they are gaping. Velvet also can't be ironed which makes sewing hard as well. The main thing you can pull from those fun facts is that velvet is hard to make a garment out of so when you see a beautiful garment made of velvet you can appreciate it.

Velvet has that great depth due to how it is woven. The pile which are the extra fibers that give the plush feel are the reason why velvet looks amazing when utilized in drapey designs. I love seeing velvet in cowls where the fabric is allowed to fall naturally.

I think that this fabric is a lovely base level instead of being the main focus. I would suggest a velvet dress with a beautiful statement necklace that draws out the color in the velvet. This season I totally suggest mixing textures such as velvet and tweed or velvet and sheer fabric. Both of these combinations are a bit unexpected but will really compliment each other.

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  1. HMMMMMMMM love ittttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!<3:) velvet is my fave fabric


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