Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Catch all in a chic purse

OK so at this time every year I have to switch out all my valuable belongings from purse to clutch to bag to purse depending on what my outfit is. I do however, love all of my bags no matter their shape or size. I have seen some amazing purses out and about while I have been shopping for various gifts and they have just renewed my purse obsessions. For the holidays I think you can't go wrong with some really eccentric purses. I tend to favor anything that shines and has beads on it.
I truly believe you can take a great purse to anyplace that you are going.
Why would you go somewhere that your purse can't go whether it is to nice for the occasion or too valuable. I do think there is a time and a place for specific bags but that you can take a funky and nice purse to the grocery store and you can stow your stuff in a chic leather purse to go to a party.

Here are some of my go tos when shopping for a purse:

I try to stay with original looking purses that can add personality to my look.
Don't spend money just to spend money on a purse, buy it because you love it.
Gravitate towards purses with pockets to keep you organized.
Go a little crazy with feeling the fabric, checking the structure and looking in the purse at the lining. (nothing is worse than paying a hefty price on something with poor stitching that falls apart)


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