Monday, December 6, 2010

Top it off!!!

I really wish it was acceptable to wear lovely hats. Kate Middleton has some of the most beautiful hats. I just keep trying to think of a moment when I could wear something so amazing on my head. Come to think of it, I never wear hats period even when it is cold out. I really need to wear caps, hats, berets, or anything beyond a headband. I was thinking that unfortunately this is one of the things that sets American's apart from British. There really are not occasions for feathered hats to be worn well except the Kentucky Derby and parties with Derby themes. 

 There are moments in life when more casual hats can be worn like college classes, shopping, brunch... Hats that Americans  generally think are acceptable are baseball hats, berets, fedoras, and some straw hats. I think a hat can be worn in most situations but not by everyone. I love hats on other people, but I love my hair too much to cover it with a hat.

Many celebs love to rock the casual hat. Hats usually are a staple on the runways to accessorize the looks.

My wish is to see more people wear elegant hats as another form of the trickle down effect. Millinery is such a beautiful art form that I think is slowly disappearing, so hopefully with Kate taking center stage in all of our tabloids maybe the art will not be lost forever. I think all of these hats and the heads they are on are enchanting!!! I personally can't take someone seriously if they are wearing a hat with feathers to an like the grocery store. However, if I were to stand around laughing with a prince with his royal family all around, then what better time is there to wear an elaborate hat than that? I know I can't wait for April 29th to see what Kate chooses for her gown and to see all the lovely hats from the guests.


  1. I totally agree, it's hard to wear unique hats here in America. I love this post & Kate's style.

  2. i love hats! here in the uk everyone wears them to every single wedding, horse race or even tea in the country. love it!


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