Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Travel with ease!!!

This would have been a great guide to have whilst I packed last night so I am going to list my holiday travel packing thought process.

When traveling I always like to have the comforts of home but just downsized. It is always hard to pack for a trip when you are uncertain of your itinerary so I tend to over pack a bit. For the holidays I try to bring plenty of festive pieces like something with sequins. This upcoming trip for me has several activities being crammed together such as my bf's undergraduate graduation and our Christmas together. Now with that being said I had to pack for graduations events as well as winter wear and it is possibly going to snow while we are in Lubbock.

My rule of thumb is to pack enough undies for the trip plus 50%. I always pack an extra nice dinner outfit in case one of my outfits doesn't fit  my mood at the time. We are also driving as many people do during the holidays so that means I will need a casual outfit that I can stand to sit in a car for 5+ hours in. Also since I will be riding in a car for extended time I will need some form of reading material (hello vogue magazine that is still in the plastic since I have been super busy since October). I also will need my phone (and charger) as well as my computer. Those however are not part of my clothing guide.

When I was flipping through my wardrobe I was having to process what is appropriate for graduation at 9 am that could also work for dinner with all of Michael's relatives. I am going with this tweed pencil skirt in grey tones to be paired with a pink cable knit sweater and a white scarf I will also be wearing some cute flats (Michael hates when I wear heels and am taller than him so I try to wear flats when photo-ops are happening). For dinner on Friday I will, however, be wearing a simple black jersey knit dress with a a printed cardie coordinated with a lime green scarf and fun shoes. On Friday I think we are going to some of the local places in Lubbock for some good ole college celebrating ;).  Then Sunday I will be wearing a cute gold sequin top with a chunky cardigan and most likely navy cords. I want to make sure and practice what I preach by balancing the shiny, disco ball top with a sort of matte looking ensemble. Basically I am hoping to have some super stylish looks while mixing prints and textures in fun ways.

I want to hear about your travel outfits. I am super glad to be able to utilize several of the trends I have talked about on here like tweed, sequins, most likely florals and of course my nails are painted gold for the celebrations. This season make sure to spice up your holidays by wearing fun outfits that you are in love with.

(Pictures to come of my outfits at a later time)

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