Monday, December 27, 2010

Denim on top yes please

Ok so I am really loving this trend of wearing chambray tops and denim tops. I am always saying that I love the unexpected and wearing denim button downs with a floral skirt is a switch up. I also love J Crew using denim tops in their catalogs. This trend has kind of surprised me because it has lasted almost a year now.

Chambray on top is actually a perfect marketing strategy to get people to notice their accessories. Just think of how much better a bold necklace looks on an empty palette. I always look as denim as the perfect base for my entire outfit and this is button down is about as basic as a plain white button up. The difference that a denim top makes as opposed to a white button down is the texture.

If you are wanting an end all shirt to buy for the new year then I suggest buying a denim button down. You can wear it open ala Miley for a cardigan look or buttoned all the way and tucked in for a more put together feel.
Ooh I just have got to say I like her class:

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