Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Red lips for kissing

Around the holidays I always think about that perfect pout!!! I try to make sure that in pictures I will look great and put together. Everywhere I look I keep seeing red lipstick. Just make sure when you are trying to rock the perfect red lip to take a few preperatory steps.
First make sure your lips are moisturized without dead skin. That means wear chap stick and my little secret is to take an old tooth brush and buff off the dead skin. Your lips will be left soft (kissable) and smooth. If I am wearing a bright red I make sure and put a little lip liner on to prevent from that unattractive bleeding look. Or if you don't have lip liner you should put a layer of powder on your lips before your makeup. Then make sure you pick a perfect red!!!

I usually love the more ruby and cheery shades as opposed to the orangish hues that have been seen recently.

Just make sure to check every once in a while that you don't have any lip stick on your teeth!!!! I love red lipstick for several reasons such as they will make your teeth look whiter, they are super dressy and lastly they will make your entire ensamble completely  pulled together.

On a bonus note Men Love red!!! so if you want a man's attention this holiday or in general then I suggest wearing red lipstick on dates, at bars, shopping, or when you are wanting to feel a little sexy.

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