Friday, December 3, 2010

Is it Easter already?

So I keep flipping through magazines and being a little stunned by the pastels first it was Kate Hudson on Elle last month in a cute floral number and then several spreads featuring less dark and disparity and more hopeful and cheer to make it through winter. I also was a little shocked by Dior's use of fabric and color for their Fall line. I love that more and more designers are trying to change it up and keep us on our toes by showing pastels for winter.

I think it is a great idea... not a super fresh idea because it is predictable but great none the less. The reason why I say it is predictable is because all fashion is cyclical and the only change is the severity the trend will reach before it jumps to the next focal point. For example shorts and skirts kept rising until Gaga came around wearing no pants at all then poof the market fell and skirts have gone to the medi length that the wonderful Marc Jacobs featured in the LV line last Spring. Another example is where the waist of garments are featured. As of the moment high waisted or natural waisted skirts and pants are very much the norm as they were several years ago. Before our current waistline placement was the super low slung waist. I remember wanting super low rise pants that were just high enough without covering too much hip bone. Well now that focal point has raised several inches. I think this is also due in part to the recession. Lets face it when the money is harder to get you want to justify spending it so you will buy more fabric.

Well this cycle extends not only to silhouettes but to colors as well. I am not saying this to make you feel manipulated by the merchandisers... but honey you are being manipulated and it is a good thing because they are catering to your dopamine (sorry I just had a psychology of emotions final today and this is the perfect word). When you see new and exciting trends in eye catching lemonchello yellow and refreshing mint green against a pale pink you just want to see more. The contrast of these warm, happy colors is so blatant when compared to blacks and greys and charcoal that you are being pulled to what feeds that happy part of your brain and you just want more and more until all you can stand is to be wrapped up in that flowing, lighter than air floral dress you saw in the window.

I am glad that the stores and designers have not gotten rid of the winter accessories and colors as well. Now there are so many more options to pair with that pair of charcoal booties and that darker than coal pea coat. You go for the shock when you arrive at your friend's holiday party where everyone else is wearing Red and black and you are wearing a sea foam colored strapless chiffon gown that reaches the ground and is cinched with a silver belt at your natural waist (which might I add is the skinniest part of your torso). All eyes will be on you this season as you float around in pastels.


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