Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In honor of Victoria Secret


I really loved the Fashion Show tonight!!! There was so much perfection in one hour. The music was amazing, I almost cried when Chanel Iman got her wings, and all the models make me want to go run till I am 5'11" and have their energy. I just want to go and get me some sexy skivies and walk around with some awesome 80 lbs. wings on. This show was so playful and fun.

I happen to love underwear!!! It is the perfect accessory to a confident attitude. When I am having a bad day I like to slip into a cute pair. Same thing as when I am needing a little extra motivation. I once was told by an a lady who preps students for interviews that you should always go out and get a sexy piece of underwear for interviews because you will radiate confidence due to having that little  secret. I also have a rule that you should never keep underwear for over 3 years.

I also think that everyone has a right to have sexy underwear whether you are single, married, dating, older, skinny, overweight, curvy... you name it you should have cute and fun underwear. I do think that there is a time and place for each pair of undies.

Do wear lace on a daily basis... unless it is itchy and you will be fidgeting
Do wear a thong to prevent dreaded panty lines unless you can see your thong line... I think for modesty reasons I would rather have a panty line than a thong line
Do make sure you have comfortable bras that fit correctly!!!
Do wear undies around your house when you are living on your own!!!

Do not ever wear a white shirt under a black top!!! in a picture you will have headlights instead wear nude or black... you will thank me later.
Don't let your undies hang out unless it is a lacy slip peaking out under a cardie or a bustier with demure clothing
Do not wear granny panties, baggy undies, or unmentionables with holes in them

Makes sure that you start off a great outfit with a fabulous support structure. After all your undies are the closest thing to your skin so if that isn't taken care of then whatever goes over that just really doesn't matter.

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  1. I'm so sad I missed it! Looks like all the models were H.O.T.! But what else would you expect, right? On that note, off to eat fruit for breakfast hahah


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