Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Petting is not just for animals :)

Whenever I wear fur (faux) of any sort I just can't help but stroke that part of my ensemble. I used Halloween as an excuse to get to buy a faux fur cropped jacket and it was so cute!!! I just love wearing it because it is such a great texture to wear and it is soft. Fur is literally everywhere I look  from magazines, fashion shows, home decor, and on the Disney channel (yes I watch Hannah and Wizards of Waverly Place). Side note: Hannah Montana and Wizards has some super cute outfits as well as some top name designer pieces. And back to the topic.

Faux Fur is actually really easy to wear and incorporate into an everyday outfit. At first I was very wary about this trend mainly because it is not really my style but I started out slow with a scarf then a cute pair of ear muffs then I just went for it with a jacket. Faux fur has made such strides in it's short lived history. Faux fur looks so much more realistic now which should be a relief for animal right supporters. I personally don't have a problem with furs mainly because of what I learned about the animals that are now raised and taken care of on farms as opposed to overkilling the wild population. I also know that many, but not most, of the animal raised for fur coats are actually quite vicious and relatives of rodents. I also cannot support a cause when their messages as in everything a company supports with money and voice are super confused and conflicting. Wearing leather is no different from wearing fur period!!! When I see an add where a model is wearing leather or eats meat then I feel the add is void. Anyways.

Faux Fur is not just for those who are activists against fur there really are some chic and easily accessible furs out there as well as mass produced chic garments. Up until fur was a luxury item that was quite rare to have and traditionally only women with rich husbands wore furs. I think faux fur is such a natural fit for winter because of the added warmth and bulk they give.

Fur is no exception to my moderation mantra. I suggest wearing a faux fur jacket but keep the rest of your outfit less bulky. I am loving the fur vest with a scarf, tall boots,skinny jeans, and a long sleeve blouse. I am so excited for the fur comeback and how much more youthful this return is. Say goodbye to the full length overcoats that used up to 40 animal per coat and hello to cropped faux fur at lower prices!!!

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