Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Got that perfect LWD?

Yes all of us have a perfect LBD or petite robe noir but do you have the ever so hot little white dress? I have been seeing a lot of white cocktail dresses that make me think I need to get on to finding a perfect white dress. Once everyone has a trend as a creative person it is time to forecast the next big thing and it is called a perfect white dress.

Just like a LBD a white dress is a perfect building block for a chic and perfect ensamble. I love white because it is so fresh!!! Don't get me wrong I love black dresses but white screams unique and clean. Plus personally I think it is perfect for winter when you are wanting a little help with keeping your summer glow.
I usually take my clues from mother nature herself and try to copy what she does. I think white in winter is fab, afterall snow is white so why not wear white as well. This season I suggest wearing a LWD with gold accessories and other jewel tone colors like emerald green, deep red, and violet. This trend is super perfect for holiday parties and just in general.
The old rule of no white after labor day is totally dead in my mind!!!


  1. I totally agree - rules be damned! I wear my white jeans all the way through winter. Who says we have to stop rocking it, right??

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  2. I agree white can worn in winter, I mean why not! I love white dresses during the holiday season. They are always spectacular standouts from all the Black!


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