Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gingham for Christmas?

Ok so I know this might not really seem super seasonal but I totally think it is perfect!!! I always think of gingham as a summer pattern which is why I am changing it up. I think this is one of my favorite fabrics... fun fact of the day: gingham is technically a stripe but has been transformed into the checkered pattern it is now by overlapping 2 striped fabrics and then basically flattening the design. High quality gingham is yarn dyed as opposed to the pattern being printed on top of a solid fabric. If you haven't noticed from past posts my background is in textiles and it just comes up when I am talking about what inspires me.

This season I think gingham is perfect for layering. It is just such an easy pattern to pull off!!! Everyone can wear this pattern no matter your gender or age so it is super versatile. I love to wear my gingham button down with colored sweaters layered on top with the collar and shirt tails peaking out.

I don't think I have really tackled men's fashion but since people are gift shopping this is a perfect idea for a husband, bf, brother or father!!! I love seeing men in gingham whether it is a tie, shirt, or if they are carrying something with this motif on it. (Motif is a theme)

I think a really unexpected way to wear this would be as a button down with a sequin skirt and a structured blazer. This fabric while having unlimited versatility does have on rule in my mind. Focus on the scale or size of the checkers. I suggest favoring checkers that are relative or larger than your size. If you are petite then knock yourself out with all sizes. However if you are a not then I suggest straying away from the miniature size. This rule also only depends on what area you are covering with gingham. And keep in mind fashion is like french almost every grammatical rule has an exception.

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  1. Gingham is hard for me to wear. Mostly a mindset thing, I feel I am too old for it now.

    Though the brown gingham skirt with the highwaisted belt...... That has me thinking:)


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