Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cover me with a Cardi!!!

 Ok so I really love cardigans all year round but especially now that the weather is turning cooler. A cardigan is perfect for adding warmth but not too much plus they can be super chic. The best thing about cardigans now is how many varieties there are. Short sleeves, 3/4 length, over sized, boyfriend, preppy, chunky, striped, argyle.... I can continue!!! And they come in every type of fiber which means, get excited, you can wear them everywhere all the time. For example I have a Jackie cardigan from J Crew with mostly cotton and wear it to class, but that same style is made in cashmere as well and can be worn to a dinner party or work.

Another great thing is the man wearing a cardigans. Men wearing cardigans are such a turn on. For example how great do men look in cardigans? A cardigan can make any man look well put together and stylish. Mainly because it is that extra step of being conscious of your appearance.

A cardigan finishes off a look mainly because it is an added layer to top everything off. I love wearing a button down under a cardigan and rolling up the cuff so you can see the button down on the sleeve. I love to wear this look with the button down tucked into a pencil skirt with some pumps for work.

For fall I am really liking the over sized, boyfriend, ivy-inspired cardigan with a skinny silhouette underneath. I also suggest a long cardigan belted at the natural waist to create an hour glass figure. Good news for those of us with curves they can be revealed!!! Several designers are bringing back the curvy models that have been absent for so long. A cardigan can easily allow for a curvy girl or a skinny girl to wear them with confidence. I suggest if you are on the curvy side to pick flattering lengths though. If you are on the edge about wearing a long cardi for fear of it hugging to tightly on the tush then opt for a cute cropped version that hits at the waist. This will bring attention to the end of the cardigan which with a cropped cardigan will be the skinniest part of your body (your waist). If you are a skinny less curvy woman I love a long cardigan with a belt because it creates a waist where there might not be one otherwise.

I have never been able to wear a cardigan fully buttoned up mainly because I look at this garment as a layer not a sweater. Usually when I am wanting to wear a cardigan it is because my arms are chilly but not my chest. There is nothing wrong with a fully buttoned cardi just make sure there is no gaping at the bust. That is a definite don't. No one does the cardigan better than First Lady Mrs. Obama!!!

Make sure you get on board with this trend!!!   


  1. cardis= classy.
    also i know every boy died the day hermione cut her hair, but i think emma watson is rocking it. super jean seberg.


  2. Cardigans are amazing and look good on anybody.

  3. i actually think that over sized jumpers are more in then cardi at the moment


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