Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gameday Gameday!!!

Today is the Red River Rivalry, bet you can't say that three times fast. Whoo hoo I love me some football and I love this game. This game is a long standingrivalry between University of Texas and Oklahoma University. Not only is this just a game between two universities this is a game between "The" Universities of Texas and Oklahoma. and it happens at the state fair of Texas in Dallas at the traditional Cotton Bowl stadium. There is so much history in this game that it gives me chills. It is caled the Red River Rivalry because the Red River forms the boundary between the state of Texas and the state of Oklahoma. The first game between UT and OU was in 1900. This isn't your normal football game this is a massive weekend celebration for most students. Professors cancel classes on the Friday of this weekend and most of campus is empty from all of the students making the road trip to Dallas, normally a 3 hour drive turns into a party. I say that because litterally it is a party. Many of the frats and organizations rent out tour buses and invite dates for the weekend.

As a guy get excited cause this weekend you are getting a present. You get to invite a date to ride on the bus with you, stay in a hotel (if you so choose), go to dinner with you, go to the game with you and party some more, then ride back with you. And the best part about bringing a date is you get an awesome cooler that she decorated for you and packed with all the alcohol you could ever want to drink for this weekend.

As a girl the only thing you have to worry about is decorating and filling a cooler and making sure to bring cute clothes for the game and the parties every night. You get to dress cute, go to the game, hang out with several hundred of your friends and soon to be friends, and well drink if you want to.

At this point you are prolly wondering how this deals with fashion because it does. Fashion to me is how you put on clothes and present yourself. There is a very under valued and untapped world of Gameday clothing out there that is severely lacking of cute clothing. There is a very limited variety of clothing that can be worn to games and most of them are under the category of t-shirt or tube top dress. For those of us that want to look cute all the time and not just everytime except games we have to be innovative. The only company that has been able to "see a need and meet it" so far is a small company out of Austin called Chicka~d.

I have a few tips for how to look chic at a football game... no that is not an oxymoron.
* Make sure to wear cute, yet comfy shoes for walking and standing in all day. I suggest gladiator sandals for hot day games and cute flats of the patent kind for night games. If you are gutsy then go for heels but beware you will be walking around tailgates, standing at the game for at least 3 hours and then possibly going to dinner after the game. So wear your shoes at your own risk.
* V-neck dresses are flattering and usually my go to because it is flattering to my figure.
*Make sure to wear your school's colors or at least one of them. Nothing is more annoying than that person who is trying to be ironic by wearing a random color to a football game. If you are bothering to cheer and go to the game then the least you can do is support your school by wearing one of their colors. While on that topic, I know burnt orange is not a super common color, even though it is a really hot color for fall, there isn't another substitue for it at a UT game. Coral, orange, peach, shades of brown and shades of yellow do not count and should not be worn to a game. I know it sounds trivialbut if it is not burnt orange it clashes and stands out like a sore thumb.
*Make sure to wear cute accessories such as necklaces, bangles, belts and scarves are great for games.
*I love dresses at the game and seeing all the cute dresses girls find. One of my friends made a sweetheart strapless dress out of a beautiful fabric she had with burnt oranges, gold threads, and browns in it and it was perfect. White dresses are also perfect cause you can wear them with belts and boots and be set to go.

Well there are some tips to go off of and good luck. My go to is usually a dress with gold sandals, Rayban sunglasses, an across the body small purse, and this awesome egyptian inspired collar necklace with burnt orange beads. It is 2:15 and, as we say at UT, OU still sucks. So get your horns up, put your burnt orange on in a chic manner and get ready for this historical 105th meeting between The University of Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma University Sooners... I just know I would rather be a longhorn than a cheater anyday.

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