Friday, October 15, 2010

Romp around in a romper

This season rompers are the easiest and most effortless way to get dressed for the day or evening. A romper can be styled for any season and by anyone. No two rompers look the same due to the ways a wearer can style them.
A knit romper is great for dressing up of down with a few simple stylistic tricks. For the afternoon, rompers are the way to go to combine all the comforts of shorts with the full, finished look of a dress. A romper can be worn by itself with a cute fedora and wedges to elongate your legs. They also look chic with a cardigan, belt and flats. Your romper can transition nicely from afternoon to evening with simple changes of accessories and shoes.
Rompers are not just in the shorts variety, recently some great pant rompers have been seen out and about. This style is just so easy to wear becuase you only have to throw on one garment to be dressed and there is minimal amouts of having to think while getting dressed. I also love the dressy variety that can be worn in the evenings.

This trend is however, not one I would suggest for work purely because it is a more casual look that a dress is.

Make sure you enjoy wearing your romper while it is still warm out so you can show of how cute it is. Make sure to try on your romper with everything in the closet. Just don't get left behind on this great trend.

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