Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stipe me silly

The best part of stripes is the varied widths they come in. I am favoring the more subtle stripes at the moment like grey on ivory or beige on ivory. I have found that stripes are super flattering for everyone depending on the type of stripe you are wearing.

For those looking to enhance an area I would suggest a more bold stripe to draw attention to the area. By bold I mean a wider stripe with strong colors. A few weeks ago Mondo on Project runway did some great work with wider stripes. Stripes can either enhance an area or minimize problematic areas. A wide stripe on a smaller frame can give an allussion that your body is smaller due to the larger stripe covering my area. Smaller stripes can give the allusion that there is more area to cover with fabric, thus making you look larger.

On a smaller, athletic rame person small stripes might work best because they can add volume. I kind of like smaller stripes myself because they can be a bit more subtle and less of an "I am wearing stripes" look. If you are big chested I would suggest smaller, thinner stripes than a wide stripe. Wide stripes can draw attention to width when worn around the body.

I love to wear stripes down the body can add length and illude to a thinner body. Stripes can work as a miracle when worn correctly. Or I always love mixing stripes in clever ways. Missoni does amazing tricks with stripes like zig zagging and mixing widths and contouring the stripes to curve more around the body. Try out stripes tomorrow in a clever, less obvious way. If you aren't super bold or if work constricts you then I would try a fun striped button down ala Blake Lively paired with a blazer or suit jacket.

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