Friday, October 8, 2010

Tie me up with a silk scarf!!!

I absolutley love silk scarves because they are so luxurious and beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen a printed silk scarf and thought "wow what a waste of silk". For those of you who aren't quite gusty enough to wear a print all over your body a silk scarf is just the punch of color you can embrace. That little patch of color can brighten my day even if I am not the one wearing the scarf. I love to see all the different motifs they come in from floral to equestrian to abstact to gorgeous art work. The colors on many of them are super vibrant and sharp.

This should be a staple in every woman's closet because they are so easy to wear. I usually toss one on to spice up a white tee shirt and jeans for class or for work use the same silk scarf with a cardi, cami and pencil skirt. Even my mom, a lawyer, wears this chic accessory. I figure if an attorney can get away with wearing a silk scarf to court ANYONE can!!! Plus many scarves are out there so it is highly unlikely you would encounter an akward moment of "oh no you are wearing my flash of color".

Silk scarves are usually closely associated with the French powerhouse, Hermes. And rightly so since they have been making them since 1928. The design house puts so much effort, research, craftsmanship going into each one. The height of Hermes scarf sales was in the late 1980s with one scarf being sold every 20 seconds!!! A single scarf design usually takes up to 12 months to create from thin air. Think about that next time you casually sling a silk scarf around your neck!!!

Interesting fact about Hermes in case you didn't know: Hermes is pronounced heir-mez. Also the are known for using the color orange like the scarf with the H in it. And for those of you who enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada the scarves Miranda wears are Hermes. If you are looking for a fun coffee table book I strongly suggest their book they recently published with a large selection of their scarves.
I just have to say when I see girls with silk scarves all I can think is I like her class!!!

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