Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Polka with the Dots today!!!

I realy love the polka dot print. It always reminds me of the Dr. Seuss book about the animal that wants to be in the zoo and shows off his spots. I just find polka dots to be very whimsical and nostalgic. Polka Dots have such a happy feeling to me and also they can be worn at almost every time and occasion.

I recently got a polka dot cardigan that I have worn several times with nike shorts and a t-shirt for class and then with my denim pencil skirt and silk blouce to go to work. If you aren't bold enough to wear that much polka dot on your torso then I suggest wearing smaller dots on an accessory like a scarf or headband.

I think of polka dots like I do florals: you really need to be careful not to over power your body with the print and make sure to wear polka dots that fit with your body size. I suggest sticking with a solid base color and sicking with spots that are the same color as well.

When wearing polka dots make sure to contrast with a different fabric texture but keeping other prints to a minimum. If you match polka dots with another busy print such as small stripes or florals your look can be overwhelming and draw negative attention to your look. I am all for mixing textures and colors so I love the idea of pairing a whimsical polka dot print with a heavy tweed fabric to balance the dots.

I love how simple this dress is. It just oozes summer time... too bad the summer is ending. I do really like her class!!!

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  1. I like the polka dot dress too and agree with your view on wearing them: keep it simple with your body type.



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