Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gilded with Gaudiness

I am recently really loving over sized gold jewelry!!! This is a really odd turn for me since I usually really like and prefer silver. Gaudy refers to obvious, and attention grabbing usually in a tasteless manner but provides entertainment. History alert!!! Gaudy originated as a term to describe anything bright from being translated from Middle English. Another possible origination is the term comes from the English word "guad" which means joke which is translated from the latin word guadere meaning "delight in". 

 Ok now back to GOLD jewelry!!! There are so many varieties of flashy gold jewelry which I attribute to the cyclical patterns of fashion. Silver had fully saturated the market, so much so that designers sought a change that would spark consumerism (yes it is that simple). I expect gold jewelry will be around for a few years at the least. So go out and get you some great key pieces and a bunch of fun costume pieces. Oh and historic fun fact: Ms. Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel created costume jewelry because she enjoyed wearing flashy pieces but couldn't afford the real stuff early in her life.

Gold Jewelry can seriously be worn everywhere like work, play, dinner, class, to sporting events, etc. I like to wear only one style of flashy gold at a time. If I am piling up the gold bangles then I go without a flashy necklace. When wearing a gaudy cocktail I keep my other jewelry simple. I am fully convinced any person can pull off any accessory when showing some restraint at the same time. Balance is key to wearing attention grabbing jewelry. 

Gold jewelry really enhances olive skin tones because it picks up the yellows in the skin and creates a pretty glow. I suggest trying one of those amazing chunky Michael Kors watches to make your wrists look dainty and also to bring out your natural glow. This is also a really easy way to add a bit of flash when you aren't able to get away with more. If you are able to wear more flashy items then go for a big, bold gold necklace that will frame your face and reflect a glow onto your complexion. A person is described as gaudy when the colors she wears are too bright to the eyes, or are too bright that everyone can see her stand out among the crowd. 

Well this fall I totally approve anyone who wears attention grabbing gold jewelry. This season you wear your gold proudly plus if you want to be original grab some gold and pile it on... most people are still wearing silver.

I just had to post this quote and the nails that went with it:

"Take this scenario, for example. You are out in the mall, and there are a lot of people. All of a sudden, something bright catches your eyes. Out of all the people out there, you zero in on one person: a lady with bright hair and large bright jewelries. You’re not the only one who notices. Majority of the people around you turn as she passes by." -Nilon Nails

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  1. But they will all notice the nails! Crazy they are! I love those devoted to the love of frivolous.!

    And Gold! Well I have never made the leap from yellow gold to white gold or silver. Of course I do have some gorgeous pieces but I have always prefered yellow gold.

    The one thing I have loved all these years was I certainly didn't look like all my friends & ladies who all wore silver and white gold.

    My husband was astute and picked up on that and choose a beautiful yellow gold engagement ring which was a real stand out in 1999 as one would be hard pressed to even find an engagement ring in yellow gold. Don't know how he did it but he did!

    The bangles are really something! The ruby and gold with decorative details, very rich!

    Loving Mila's necklace too!

    Here's to Guadere!


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