Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love me in Lace!!!

Welcome back feminine textures and silhouettes after such a long hiatus of being suppressed. For so long the line between women and men have been so intertwined. Thanks to Marc Jacobs, who brought us grunge in the 90s, Oscar de la Renta, Rodarte and so many others womanly softness and beauty is being revived. Lace was absolutely crawling all over the runways (in a great way). Not only was lace all over Fashion week, well really month, it has been everywhere lately.
 Lace isn't a new type of trend by any stretch of the imagination but it is a cyclical trend that fades in and out of the spotlight. Right now lace has been seen more in black and dark shades than in the more traditional white variety.

I am loving seeing how everyone is wearing lace in their everyday lives. I always was under the impression that lace was to be reserved for formal occasions and not to be worn casually. Now I have a totally different opinion on lace. I feel like there is never an occasion that lace is not acceptable for... I take that back I would never go to the gym or workout in lace. I think that lace can be worn in a subtle manner for work that is not overly seductive but can break up a drab, boring suit. 

I also am really glad that lace is everywhere because unlike in the past lace is really affordable. Lace is really easily produced which drives the cost down. Of course the more pricey lace is better quality but for an everyday blouse that is really not necessary. 

So get excited like I am to wear black lace on one of the many layers you will be wearing this fall. Try clever ways like a blouse with lace peeking out at the hem, or lace tights, or a lacy collar.   
That lace dress is AMAZING!!! All I can say is I like her style!!!

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