Monday, October 18, 2010

Leg up on the leggings!!!

I really love leggings and I love them as pants!!! I said it I love to wear leggings as pants. But I will put a stipulation on leggings as pants. I only wear them with a shirt that goes below my tush. I just really love how they make my legs look and I work hard to have nice legs.

Enough about me though. Leggings really do have their positives such as they are warm without being bulky, they are a perfect layer, and they work nicely as shape wear. I always make sure to buy a pair of full length black leggings at the beginning of the fall season. I then wear them and several other pair until it gets warm again :).
A great pair of leggings can be the perfect layer. I like to wear mine under some of my summer mini skirts to give them a new, revived look. Plus when it is cold I don't want my poor legs to get cold. For those of you who are not super comfortable with just walking around in a t-shirt and leggings I suggest wearing your leggings with a long tunic and boots. The tunic covers enough of your leg that no unmentionables are seen. And the boots also cover the bottom of your legs to give an allusion of being well covered up.

A few tips when picking out leggings:
*Make sure to pick the full length ones that make your legs look super long and thin instead of cut off mid calf. The leggings cut off at mid calf make your calf look twice as thick... which is horrible.
*Don't wear full butt panties with leggings. They give horrible panties lines and if you can't wear a thong then you should not be wearing leggings.
*Make sure to purchase OPAQUE!!! We do not want to see your skin through the leggings. If you bought tights then your skin will be seen through them.
*Avoid the leggings with slits. They really do not help slenderize your leg because they give the image that your leg is stretching the tights apart to create the slits.
*Do wear other colors but make sure to be careful when wearing patterned styles or bright colors. A patterned style can stretch so be careful that they do not warp in unflattering ways.
These frilly tights in my opinion are a big NO!!! They look like a clown.
Wear your leggings proudly like I do... Thought for you while I have been writing this. Why is it ok to wear those uber skinny jeans as pants but not leggings as pants?

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  1. I absolutely adore leggings, but I am SO glad that you added the caveat not to wear leggings with a shirt that does not pass your butt. I hate it when the shirts are short and don't go past the butt. Otherwise, leggings are almost always a must.


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