Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pick me Pink button down shirt!!!

For a little throwback preppy I chose the trend of the day to be the lovely Pink oxford!!! I love a tan, clean cut boy wearing this light, subtle shade of pink. I also think it is amazing for women. Many people might be thinking this doesn't really go with my style but a basic is a basic because it is a foundation for a wardrobe so realy everyone should own a white button down. Well I ask you why not own a white button down AND a figure and  complexion flattering shirt. What more could you ask for? A shirt that works majic on brightening up your face and adding structure to your outfit is what I want.
Pink is iconically preppy in general or when paired with green. Pink and green are opposites on the color wheel so they create a great contrast to add depth to any outfit. But make sure to avoid looking like a watermellon by straying away from a hot pink shade paired with bright green. I suggest wearing a light pink with a more bold green shade.

Pink is super flattering to almost everyone's skin tone. For girls I always suggest wearing pink near your face because the pink reflects up and hits her cheeks and causes a radiating, healthy glow. If you don't have a pink button down a hot pink scarf works perfectly. A pink button down is perfect for layering. You can always got super J Crew by wearing a pink button down under a cable v-neck sweater with a cords and heels and a ton of accessories. I would suggest something with a little less layers like wearing a patterned tank under a partially unbuttoned pink oxford shirt with skinny cords, flats and fun earrings to top it off.

Not only is a pink oxford super flattering for skin tones it also is fresh looking and polished. A pink oxford button down is really easy to throw on and can look amazing. For an extra tip a button down in a color other than white is less formal and generic and can pull a look together perfectly. According to a pink button down makes up about only 9% of button down sales, but that number is on the rise. So get it while it is heating up!!!

Plus how cute are all 3 of these people!!! Not only are those guys super cute but I have just got to say I like your class!!!  And that girl looks like a page out of a prep handbook and looks very balanced with her use of color and casualness.

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