Friday, October 29, 2010

Ruffles everywhere!!!

I really love Ruffles on everything: skirts, blouses, shoes, purses, dresses, undies, etc. They are just super feminine mainly due to the added frills and volume. I am all about added volume and illusions. Ruffles create added volume that distracts the eye from your body's unflattering volume. Lets just say it hides that little extra weight in a really pretty way.

Ruffles also allude to luxury due to the added fabric in the design. Ruffles have been around for forever, well since the 1400s when they appeared as little details on women's and men's chemises. They then grew and grew to be more and more elaborate to show status. Ruffles now don't denote a status in society but they are on trend.

I love wearing ruffles near my face to create a frame that enhances my jawline. I have an oval face so I like to wear more v necks and scoop necks that mirror my chin. My favorite shirt with ruffles is bright red and the shirt is a perfect body pleaser!!! The color radiates onto my cheeks while hiding my problem areas, and at the same time it looks so girly.

I think that in the work place a ruffled blouse is the perfect way to bring a womanly touch into the corporate world. When everyone else is wearing black suits and white button downs it is your time to shine with a suit and stone grey ruffled shirt peeking out from under your jacket.

Fun fact, for those of you who are looking to learn some fashion trivia, there is a difference between a flounce and a ruffle. To create a ruffle collar is created using gathers and there is extra bulk at the neckline. A Flounce is creating by cutting a circle with some of the grain being on the bias which create the volume but this can be sewn flat with less bulk. These last three are flounces... can you see the difference?

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