Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

Ok I don't know if I am on board with this trend or if this is another trend being dictated by the industry. Kitten heels are under 2 inches and sometimes don't seem worth it to me. I do however see a positive in this shoe... well other than it is a shoe and I love shoes. I think that Kitten heels give the balls of my feet a break while still giving my calves a subtle lift. They also allow for my achilles to be in a more natural lengthened state. These shoes also are such a cinch to walk in.

Kitten heels have a very unique heel placement; the heel is curved inward from the back edge. They are also interestingly enough categorized as a stiletto due to its heel. The first made their debut in the 50s for adolescents to have a shot at wearing more grown up shoes, though now I frequently see older women wearing these and not too many adolescents.

I was so happy to see these flatter shoes on the runways for spring whether they were flats of kitten heels it was nice to see more normal shoes available. Kitten heels are the perfect dressed up shoe with the comfort of flats. When looking for the perfect kitten heel I suggest opting for a pointed toe because it will elongate your leg.

Make sure to be careful about how you wear this trend though. It can make you look frumpy is not worn with caution. I know they are perfect for me due to my boyfriend being only a few inches taller than me I want him to stick around and not feel overshadowed by me. Sadly though I don't really see this trend sticking around like the yellow gold jewelry. This might truly be a trend. I do think this is a great option for work becuase it allows for much walking and standing.

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  1. I agree, kitten heals are the perfect thing for girls like me who have boyfriends who are only an inch taller. I don't know how I feel about them though. Heels elongate the legs, but kitten heels have a tendency to look frumpy. Anyway, love your blog!


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