Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Exposing your Zipper? Please do.

For a while now the exposed zipper has been such a prevalent trend that it makes me so excited that it is the topic of the day. I happen to love zippers as a closure over any other closure, I mean buttons are nice and all but not super sleek looking. I also really enjoy seeing all the different ways designers can use zippers as applied designs, aka anything that is decorative and applied to the garment. The metal in zippers is a great touch of metallic that is not super showy but subtle enough to draw the eye where the zipper is located at.

An exposed zipper down the back is great because it directs the eye to the center of the wearer's back and not to areas that might be less sightly. The long zipper down the length of the back of a dress creates a long unbroken line that can elongate one's figure. I love a gold zipper on the back of a simple black dress because it is bold and unexpected from the front.

This trend is super easy to wear. A functioning exposed zipper can be perfect on dresses as a subtle flash when in an environment that doesn't really allow for much creativity. I also love the idea of using zippers to create transitional garments like the skirt zips off the bottom of a chic dress to create a great blouse. Nicolas Ghesquière did amazing work with zipper last season by putting zippers on the sleeve and of centered down the front.

I also love using zippers as detailing and trim. I think that is such a clever idea to use the metal teeth as a beautiful decoration. Versace did such a beautiful job with zipper as decoration that really nothing in my mind can hold a candle to it. She created hearts out of zippers, which if you have tried that you will know it is harder than it looks. I also for my own fun made a jacket and on all of the seam encased a side of zipper that worked like piping and it is amazing how much I love it.

Just whatever you do make sure you are only showing off the flattering zipper and not your fly ;). All I can say is I love a good zipper and I like your class

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  1. Love that kind of dresses with big zippers at the back...



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